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Regulatory updates

With the updates InfoDyne annual subscription, you will get regulatory updates software and a newsletter:

  • Each update is available for download in the various software of InfoDyne expert system.
  • The newsletter describes the main regulatory changes published by the European Commission, the United Nations and OSHA.

All the InfoDyne Procedure data bases contain high performance selection and editing functions that allow very advanced searching of all the data modified by a regulatory change.

InfoDyne continuously endeavours to make the work of every InfoDyne software user easier.

Every time a user suggests improvements that make their work easier, InfoDyne adopts them, where possible, for the benefit of all our clients.

Technical support

In order to lift a doubt, answer a question... InfoDyne makes the skills and advice of its software designers available to you via a simple telephone call. The technical support also extends to the migration of our applications to other workstations and/or servers.

The hotline

The InfoDyne team is always ready to help you and provides personal and effective assistance covering both regulatory and software use issues. Our regulatory experts will answer your regulatory questions.

Our R & D technical service is always available to help solve software problems, where possible.

There is no limit to the number of calls you can make.

Online help

To enhance effectiveness, we also have secure remote support tools that can be accessed via the internet that allow us to help our users directly as if we were alongside them.