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GHSFor the market of chemical products to countries outside Europe where the GHS recommendations are implemented.

GHS module allows to determine the classification and labeling according to the Harmonized System of the United Nations.

A specific calculation engine in WLABEL takes account of different classification and labeling compared to CLP.

  • Categories of additional risk (category 4 for flammable liquids, category 5 for acute toxicity, category 3 for skin irritation, 2A / 2B for eye irritation, category 2 for aspiration hazard and categories 2 and 3 acute toxicity to the aquatic environment.

  • EUH phrases unapplied CLP.

  • Thresholds taken into account different (eg acute toxicity category 1 to 3).

  • ...

WSData manage a new MSDS format to take account of the GHS and WLABELPRINT can produce the GHS’s labels.