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Online solution

Connection to system via a dedicated server.

The SaaS (Software as a Service) contract allows you to enjoy remote access to the InfoDyne Expert system and its associated services.

The contract is sent by e-mail. Your answer with your acceptance is also by e-mail.

Low cost
No advance payment - you pay by transfer or cheque upon reception of the invoice.

Subscription to InfoDyne SaaS 'OnDeand': Right to use the InfoDyne Expert system remotely via the InfoDyne server.

  • Provision of the InfoDyne system consisting of WLABEL and WSDATA, updated regularly by continuous regulatory monitoring. Technical support / telemaintenance).

  • Confidentiality of stored data : InfoDyne ensures that stored data remains confidential by using a double password system.

  • Maintenance and back-ups are conducted systematically by InfoDyne.

  • Technical support included : Remote help by telephone (telemaintenance) or e-mail.

  • Multilingual : Basic system available in French or English. Other languages can be added upon request from amongst the languages* that are currently available in the InfoDyne system at a fixed monthly price per additional language.

  • Upon request, inclusion of Labelling Manual IFRA/IOFI, flavours and food additive databases.


Prices on request based on a personalised evaluation of your needs.