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Supported systems and technologies used

All windows systems are compatible from Windows Seven up to Windows 10.
The multi-user architectures require a Windows server (2008, 2008R2, 2012 et 2012R2) to be used whereas each workstation can operate on any Windows system from Windows XP onwards.

'Terminal Server' (TS from Microsoft) or 'Citrix' can be used to configure a server with a WAN configuration which also accepts light terminals (or light clients) as client workstations.


Hardware specifications

The hardware configuration (server or user workstation) also depends on other requirements : what are the other programmes used on the equipment.
A more powerful processor or bigger memory is selected based on these requirements.

The InfoDyne software always operates on old versions of Windows (From Windows Seven) and there are no essential pre-requisites in terms of processor type or memory size.

Required disk space (including the databases) : 1 Gb for an initial installation.


Installation and updating

The software and the regulatory updates are installed by download which is accompanied by its information letter.
Other updates for minor changes can be downloaded via the internet.


Data transfer : Data import and export

Data import and export tools are provided as standard to allow automatic transfer of data already present in your IT system in a standard text format (ASCII, ANSI, XML) to the hardware dedicated to regulatory compliance and vice versa (mixtures, semi-finished products, raw materials, etc.)