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Hazard Communication Standard HCSFor the chemicals market in the United States.

The American HCS module allows to determine the classification and labeling according to the Hazard Communication Standard OSHA. This module works in addition to the UN GHS module.

A specific calculation engine in WLABEL takes account of different classification and labeling compared to CLP and GHS UN.

  • Additional Hazard category (category 4 for flammable liquids)

  • Limits of different concentrations (STOT for reproductive toxins, ...)

  • No hazard class aquatic

  • Additional Symbols (pyrophoric gases, simple asphyxiating or combustible dust)

  • EUH phrases unapplied CLP.

  • ...

WSData manage a new MSDS format to take account of the HCS. Many local regulations are taken into account such as the TSCA inventory, the proposal 65 for California, NFPA 704, Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, specific regulations in some states.
WLABELPRINT can produce the HCS’s labels.