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Infodyne training only targets WLABEL and WSDATA software users who wish to start or improve.


Title : Regulatory prevention of chemical risks

Targets :

  • Practical and technical aspects of the regulations in force (CLP n° 1272/2008 regulation (EC), General Harmonized System (GHS), Hazard Communication Standard (HCS), Biocides, Detergents, COV...). Development of the classification, labelling and packaging of the substances and mixtures.
  • Approach of the requirements of the Safety Data Sheets elaboration according to regulation 2015/830 (EU) modifying the appendix II of regulation REACH 1907/2006(EC).
  • Upgrading of the regulatory prevention of chemical risks and handling of the WLABEL & WDATA Infodyne softwares with in particular the writing of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) according to the regulation in force (Learning, maintaining or improving the knowledge in this field, taking into account of the toxicological and ecotoxicological datas influencing the classification of the chemical products).

Teaching aid :
Videoprojecting of the expert system
Educational resources provided to all the participants

Duration : 1 day- 7 hours

Place : Intra- company training or distance learning via internet.

Program :

1- General presentation of WLABEL & WSDATA

2- General information

Definitions :

  • Hazard pictograms, warning statements,
  • Hazard statements (H phrases),
  • Precautionary statements (P phrases)
  • Additional precautionary statements and additional labeling elements (EUH phrases),
  • The substances and their CAS, EINECS, INDEX, FL, FEMA, CoE, SIN et n° REACH codifications,
  • The notes of each substance and mixture,
  • The thresholds to be taken into consideration according to CLP et le SGH,
  • The concentration limits ( standard or specific) according to annex VI of CLP regulation,
  • Raw materials, semi-finished, mixtures, labels.

Statutory instruments :

  • Regulation (EC) n° 1272/2008 on classification, labeling and packaging of hazardous substances and mixtures,
  • General harmonized system (GHS) of the United Nations,
  • Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) of OSHA,
  • The REACH regulation (EC) 1907/2006, annex II, guide to the development of the Safety Data Sheets amended by the regulation (EU) 2015/830,
  • Labelling manual IFRA/IOFI,
  • Other regulations ( Biocides, detergents, aromas, COV, occupational diseases board, increased medical supervision, list of the classified facilities,…)

3- From the classification of hazardous substances to the labeling of substances & mixtures

  • What is the classification of an official substance : How to get the information How to ?
  • Cases of substances without harmonized classification according to annex VI of the CLP regulation, autoclassification of the suppliers : How to proceed ?
  • How to make the transition between the two systems of classification ?
  • What are the specifications concerning the application of the CLP et SGH classifications ?
  • How to take into account the results of the toxicological and ecotoxicological tests mentioned on the suppliers SDS ?
  • What regulatory information must be put on the labels ?
  • How to follow the changes of the regulation ?
  • How to deal with and optimize the fluctuations of the labeling according to the evolution of the formulation and the changes of the regulations ?
  • Export of the data concerning the labeling of the mixtures, formulations (mistures, raw material and premix) ?

4- From the formulas assessment to the writing of the Safety Data Sheets

  • Choice of the SDS format, according to the regulation REACH (EC) n° 1907/2006 modified by the regulation (EU) n° 2015/830 ?
  • Presentation of the SDS format according to the regulation (EU) n° 2015/830.
  • Presentation of the SDS format according to the general Harmonized System.
  • How to read and interpret a Safety Data Sheet ?
  • What are the essential data ? What is possible to add on the SDS ?
  • How to write a relevant Safety Data Sheet ?