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To save time and facilitate client communication

MGNC is an optional trade name management module intended for commercial management for distributing Safety Data Sheets (SDS) from WSDATA.

This function allows a manufacturer to link as many references and trade names as it wants to the same SDS that has already been saved in WSDATA.

It provides a database in which the reference corresponding to the preparation is listed as the base reference along with the specific management of section 1 of the SDS.

The principle of this operation consists of firstly entering a new quadruplet :

Commercial reference - Trade name - Company - Product use

Then linking it to a SDS that has already been saved in WSDATA.

CODE AND NAME SUBSTITUTION for the preparation and the company (SDS section 1) by the reference, trade name and trading company.

When a user double-clicks a trade name item, the SDS viewing module starts with the required commercial reference and trade name. The 'Print SDS' function and 'copy/paste' from Windows are now available in the selected language.

SDS EXPORT to other distribution management systems.

They may or may not be accompanied by a 'MGNC' commercial correspondence file.

This function is used to add, change or delete data related to trade names for products linked to a SDS.

The 'export', 'Safety Data Sheet' and 'by trade name' menus open a dialogue box that allows data to be exported (as text, ASCII, HTML or OpenQuick) in two separate databases named by the user :

  • Export the SDS text with the base reference, the base name and company.
  • Export the trade names for products linked to each export. (Base reference, commercial reference, trade name).

The export is done in the language displayed in the 'language' menu.