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From WSDATA to Quick-FDS in just one click!

SDS transfer and hosting
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) prepared using WSDATA can be provided instantly to your clients using the Quick-FDS system : the leading solution for the regulatory distribution of SDS.

  • Automatic distribution of SDS created by WSDATA to QUICK-FDS with one click, including updates.
  • Automatic selection of the SDS to be sent (batch processing).
  • Allows dynamic modification of section 1 of the SDS (trade name, reference, another company name, poison centre, etc.) including a personalised logo.
  • SDS can be viewed in PDF and/or HTML format with a web browser.
  • Full graphic integration in your website or intranet or access via the www.quickfds.fr portal.
  • Fine management of access rights to SDS.
  • High availability servers : your SDS are hosted on two geographically separate sites with switching between servers if necessary.
  • Automatic mail or fax gateways in order to serve clients not connected to the internet as required by the law, in response to requests or linked to orders.
  • Traceability and archiving of the SDS that are consulted : dynamic date and time stamping of all documents consulted, distributed or published on-line. Archiving in accordance with NFZ42-13 : litigation as to which version was transmitted is no longer possible.
  • Automatic regulatory alerts for major modifications to SDS irrespective of the media used to distribute them.
  • Solution chosen by major purchasers for the reception of supplier SDS (retailing, construction, automotive, manufacturing...).
  • Gencode management for your retail sector clients
  • Already widely used by over 400 companies, multinationals or SMEs (names available on request).