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System integration in your company

All InfoDyne software includes proven data importation (formulas) and exportation (labels, SDS) procedures in order to integrate with existing company production management or ERP systems.

They are available in single workstation or client /server versions (data centralisation and sharing) in local (LAN) or distant (WAN) networks, compatible TS and/or CITRIX for maximum performance on networks with low bandwidth.

With the lease option for the InfoDyne Procedure, you subscribe to the InfoDyne procedure, including maintenance, for a monthly fee. It is available for all the versions (single workstation, LAN or WAN networks) for a 4-year period.

Depending on your needs, you can change the configuration of your expert system by adding optional modules (additional languages, classification modules GHS and HCS, ...) or additional licenses if the number of users increases.

The configuration change causes a quarterly rent adjustment.

Prices on request based on a personalised evaluation of your needs.