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The InfoDyne Procedure or European Labelling System (ELS) can operate using two types of architecture : a single user or a multi-user architecture.


  • Single-user architecture

This allows a single user to use the software, as opposed to the multi-user version, which is also known as the network version.
Of course, several user workstations can be configured but the software can only be used by one person at a time.


  • Multi-user architecture

This version allows several people to work simultaneously with the software. The maximum number of simultaneous users is determined by the number of licences that you acquire, where one licence equals one user.

We can adapt the configuration depending on where your users and located :

    • installation in local network (Local Area Network - LAN) : when all the users are on the same site.

    • installation in extended network (Wide Area Network - WAN) : when the users are spread across different sites.