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InfoDyne training only targets WLABELPRINT software users who wish to start or improve.

Title : Label creation in WYSIWYG from data calculated by the WLABEL software ( Hazardous pictograms, product identifiers, caution warnings and precautionary statements, bar codes and other statutory data…).

Targets :

  • Production of statutory multilingual labels in accordance with the CLP regulation

Duration : 3 hours

Place : Intra- company training or distance learning via internet.

Program :

1- Main requirements for the labeling and packaging according to the CLP regulation.

  • General rules for labeling
  • Elements on the hazardous CLP labels
  • Place of the information on the hazardous CLP labels
  • CLP rules concerning the packaging of the substances and mixtures.

2- Rules for the application of the CLP elements on the labels

  • Supplier details
  • Product identifiers
  • Hazardous pictograms
  • Warning statements
  • Hazardous statements
  • Precautionary statements
  • Codes for the warning and precautionary statements
  • Labeling additional information

3- Aspect of the labeling of the dangers according to the CLP regulation

  • Size of the label and of the label elements
  • Exemption from the labeling and packaging obligations
  • Exemption when the content does not exceed 125 ml
  • Exemption for specific cases
  • Interaction between the CLP regulations and the labeling transport regulations.

4- Practical application, implementation of the CLP labeling with WLABELPRINT

  • Printers
  • Label formats
  • Page sizes
  • DPD labeling elements
  • CLP labeling elements
  • TRANSPORT labeling elements
  • Application of the labels on a personalized form
  • Import of external data.