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WLABELPRINT is a programme that, when linked to WLABEL, automatically writes label templates and prints multi-lingual labels.

WLABELPRINT provides :

  • Direct use of the label data calculated by WLABEL.

  • Label printing into over 30 languages.

  • Creation of label templates by laying out the different fields for the regulatory statements, barcodes (39, 128, EAN13), QRCode and full WYSIWYG on-screen viewing.

  • Management of hazard symbols for the transport of hazardous goods.

  • Saving label templates for producing them.

  • Automatic application of the requirements of the Classification, Labelling and Packaging (CLP) regulation (CE) 1272/2008, GHS and HCS.

  • Choice of typefaces and pagination with justified, aligned or centred texts. Special character support for some languages.

  • Automatic label format checking based on page size, required intervals and printer specifications.

  • Optimisation of the number of labels per page based on the printer settings and required formats.

  • Insertion of wmf, jpg, gif, bmp format images and frame positioning.

  • Label generalisation by importing external data (batch no., expiry date, trade names, barcodes, instructions for use, free text, etc.) and placing it directly on label via a link to your ERP software.

  • It can be installed on a dedicated labelling workstation and on other production sites with access to local or remote data with or without use of a network. Compatible with all 'Windows' managed printers including thermal transfer printers (Tec, Zebra, DataMax, Avery).

  • Regular maintenance of on-line label production is provided via an automated link to the regulatory expertise.